ID check question - urgent

    • mreebye
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      so ive gone thru all the formal procdures asked, ive scanned my drivers lisense, id card, ive scanned a telephone bill, yet the problem is my mailing address , bills , registered mails are registered to my fatthers name, i reside with my parents, so how can i further proove that i live at this residence, ive provided sufficient information already....

      and i need advice now as they tell me the name on the bill doesnt match my name here.......... this is getting frustrating
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi mreebye,

      Please contact support using the following link and explain the issues to them, they will help wherever possible with regards to other documentation that you could provide that does confirm your name and address.

      Please bear with the support staff, ID checks are important not only for PokerStrategy, but also for the security of your own account. They are perfectly standard and your information is treated in strictest confidence.

      Once you have passed the ID check, you will receive the starting capital and have access to a vast amount of strategy material, free live coaching sessions, hand review forums and the vast knowledge and expertise of our members, coaches and professional/semi-professional players.

      It is worth the effort, believe me.

      Best regards,