Many players know these situations: The day ends with a loss and you had already some losing sessions before. Now you are aksing youself: Is this a downswing? When will it go upward again?

In the middle of a downswing
In some cases also the following days end up with little success, the game suffers from the results of the last few days and some kind of tilt becomes part of the game. Tilt is bad play and is characterized by deviation from the ideal strategy. Tilt can occur because of different reasons and can assume various shapes.

How to tilt
Suddenly some players play too many hands and make call downs although they know that they are beaten. This way they are losing even more money. Other players keep playing their A-game preflop but fold winning hands too often because they are afraid of having the second best hand again and paying off their opponents. In this situation the player doesn't lose money because he loses too many hands but because he wins too less hands. The result is the same: You lose possible gains.

Why is patience so important?
It is difficult to suppress tilt. Impulsive play because of bad beats and the downswing as a whole is a typical phenomenon. Nevertheless and especially for this reason patience is one of the most important virtues of a successful poker player. Someone who wants to play successfully has to think about the long run and to play long-term strategies in order to beat the variance, which is responsible for the difficult and unsuccessful periods at the poker tables. The result of one hand is not decisive. If you win the hand as a favourite or not will be decided by the variance not by the players. The only thing we can influence is our game, which will influence our winrate and our bankroll in the long run.

The perfect attitude
The players who are able to perfect their game in a way that short term impacts and psychology don't influence their game and to survive downswings without tilt, will enormously increase their longterm winrate and will be able to climb up the limits faster.

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