How to convert your outs into a porcetange of hiting the hand

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      Originally posted by pablonbd
      I dont know if i made myself clear
      2% per street approximately ...

      say you have 12 outs on the flop ... that means you have 12*2=24% chance to imrpove on the turn ... 12*(2+2)=48% chance to improve by the river

      That's for a fast approximate estimation ...

      If you want the exact percentage you work out your odds and then convert them to percentages, ie:

      odds for 12 outs on the flop are = (47-12)/12
      which is cards left in the deck minus your outs (unhelpful cards)
      divided by your outs (helpful cards)

      (47-12)/12 = 35:12 which is 2,9:1 if you want to be exact, lets round it to 3:1

      then you get the percentage - 1/(3+1) = 1/4 = 25%

      with the first/faster method we got 24% which is basically the same

      Hope this answers your question :)