PS: list of ALL discounted items

    • opal99
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      list created according to info from 2+2:

        Date         Item                                  Price (original/discounted)
      12.01.09    Scarf & Beanie                                 1,700/850    (50%)
      13.01.09    Mini Chip Set                                  3,000/2250   (25%)
      14.01.09    Limited Edition PokerStars watch              10,000/7,000  (30%)
      15.01.09    $1500 VIP Reward Bonus (Not Cash)            100,000/85,000 (15%)
      16.01.09    Spade Design Hooded Sweatshirt                 2,650/1,800  (32%)
      17.01.09    Sundog Polarised Sunglasses                    5,000/3,500  (30%)
      18.01.09    iPod Nano 8GB                                 12,500/9,000  (28%)
      19.01.09    Step 2 Ticket worth $27                        1,750/1,000  (43%)
      20.01.09    Spade Stress Toy                                 700/350    (50%)
      21.01.09    Men's Long sleeve two-tone T-shirt (Green)     2,000/1,400  (30%)
      22.01.09    Daniel Negreanu ‘More Hold'em Wisdom...        2,000/1,000  (50%)
      23.01.09    Step 1 Ticket worth $7.50                        500/250    (50%)
      24.01.09    Sunday Hundred Grand ticket worth $11            700/350    (50%)
      25.01.09    $50 VIP Reward Bonus (Not Cash)                5,000/3,000  (40%)
      26.01.09    $285 VIP Reward Bonus (Not Cash)              25,000/20,000 (20%)
      27.01.09    iPod Touch 32GB                               25,000/20,000 (20%)
      28.01.09    PokerStars Sunday Ticket worth $530           33,000/25,000 (24%)
      29.01.09    WorldEventTickets worth $200                  14,000/11,000 (21%)
      30.01.09    PokerStars Sunday Million Ticket worth $215   13,500/10,000 (26%)
      31.01.09    $650 VIP Reward Bonus (Not Cash)              50,000/40,000 (20%)

      Hope it helps :f_cool:
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    • opal99
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      Serious question:

      Can I buy all those tournament tickets and sell them as T$? If so, it's a dream promotion... :f_o:
    • sk345di
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      unfortunately no, tournament tickets dont give you T$ when unregistering just another tournament ticket back
    • Adzi
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      Originally posted by opal99
      Serious question:

      Can I buy all those tournament tickets and sell them as T$? If so, it's a dream promotion... :f_o:
      tickets can't be sold as T$
      Not sure exactly where I red it.
    • AugustusCaesar
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      Thanks a lot for that info Opal, looks like PokerStars is making it worth to play there .. Really cool promotions in the beginning of the year, I hope they will keep it up :) And I think that they started retracking old accounts that were not registered if that is what the message I got today ment, that would be really great :)

      BTW. I could really imagine better items to have a discount ..
    • Joronamo
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      Sucks. I really wanna buy this silverstar $50 bonus but Im currently doing the first Deposit bonus and won't be able to complete both in the timeframe. If I wait a month it'll cost 5000FFP again. How long is this discount promo for...January?
    • chuongdk
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      go buy this bonus, it's easy to clear and you can have multi bonus, I think this 50$ will be cleared first

      When a player has multiple pending bonuses, the system credits VPPs (VIP
      Player Points) earned towards them in the following order:

      1) Credit towards the bonus with the most VPPs earned towards completion
      2) Credit towards the bonus that is closest to expiring
      3) Credit towards the oldest uncleared bonus

      beside that, you can request to extend bonus:

      If you have a bonus which is about to expire and you cannot earn the required VPPs to clear it, email on the day of the bonus' expiry and we will review any potential for extending the bonus.
    • Joronamo
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      Yeahh I bought the bonus last month and ran into the same problem in that the silverstar bonus wasn't clearing. However I think I will buy it again now and just email support a few weeks before it clears so I can clear it.