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    • corsc
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      Not sure this is the right forum for this but it seems to be place to discuss psychological issues so here goes.

      Ive been working on clearing my starting capital and its been a rocky process. For a while I was bouncing between $30 and $40 dollars and then I had 3 straight days of sizeable losses. I went down the limits as I was supposed to but it has created another problem.

      Now on FL0.05/0.1 on Titan I seem to playing against a ever increasing amount of people that play like complete idiots and as such they are impossible to predict and I feel like our strategy losses its edge against such idiotic behaviour.

      Before you say it, yes Im sure our strategy will win in the end, the complete lunacy of my opponents is hard to handle. (not their playing style just consistently losing to their insane playing).

      So my question is, should I just ride it out and maybe play a little tighter to account for the lunacy or so I just fund my account and get away from these people?

      Some stats:
      My entire career so far (lots of learning and mistakes in here)
      Hands: 6136
      Sum($): -$51.93
      BB/100: -8.63

      Hands: 6410
      Sum(4): $11.27
      BB/100: 3.52

      Hands: 651
      Sum($): $1.60
      BB/100: 12.29

      Hands: 13197
      Sum($) $-40.06

      However my stats for this month are:
      Hands: 4278
      Sum($) -$11.28
      BB/100 0.81
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    • SuvorovNL
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      Regarding the stupid people: I find it works best to bet heavily if you've hit and otherwise just get out of the way. Do not bluff. They may have KK and limp pre flop, hit a set on the flop and still stay passsive (checking if everybody does or merely calling a bet for 1/5 of the pot or something similarly silly). They do know where the "call" button is, though, so keep your pots small if you have a weak hand or no hand at all and feed cash into the pot like mad when you have a monster.

      Although making my share of mistakes (most probably even more than my "fair" share), I'm at 40BB/100 over 5000 hands on NL2. Not a sustainable average, I know, but it can't all be variance. You are bound to run into stupid bad beats, but you will also have people call your all-in after you've hit your flush on the river to find they only have mid pair or a busted straight draw. You're bound to win in the end. Just play tight and aggressive and you should be OK.