• thazar
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      I have given a try for one session to the Sklansky-Chubukov numbers and man I have lost a shit load of money with them :) . Is there something I misunderstood. To my opinion is was more due to variance than anything else. the hand sample was quite small but I stop before it swalowed my bankroll :f_mad:

      If I understand well:

      given the number:

      • If you are in the appropriate position (SB - BU - CO)
      • if you have the specified amount of big blinds or less
      • if the cards are on the charts
      • and if no one has limped or raised before you (ie you are first in)

      you shove. It is that simple.

      If anyone has experience using them on a larger scale and could let me know of their experience :)

      point worth noting I tried them on NL50 and NL25.
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    • Ishindar
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      i tested it and it didnt work. it looks good in theory but in reality u get called too often by a much stronger hand to make it profitable. however it can be refined to a version that does work.
    • Gerv
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      It's designed to make this move more profitably than folding ( EV=0 ) therefore raising normally can result in a better EV long term.

      The EV of these moves is so marginal that you require a decent sample of it to see the results. So we can say it is a high variance strategy to implement and yes it is pretty obvious people show up with topx% of their range because they are not simply calling with a suited connector :)
    • burek2000
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      Hey thazar,

      I think you understand the principles well, you just have to follow the chart when you're first in.

      I think S-C pushes are just another tool from the repertory of a successful SSS player which should be used with care. The thing is, S-C pushes are profitable even if you show your cards to your opponent and he makes the perfect play, but since most opponents don't know your cards and specially don't play perfect against you, you make even more profit with S-C pushes. So, pushing according to S-C is +EV for sure, but it is quite high variance(but imo not as big as people say, because most of the time you will pick up the blinds which is varianceless and thats also where the most profit of S-C pushes comes from), so as long as you have decent BRM there should be no reason to not use this when the situation is right.

      I use S-C pushes in SB only and only when there is a very loose (fish) guy in the BB. Then I like to push marginal hands like A2-A5, low PPs etc. in general all the hands that are a pain to play postflop but are profitable to push with preflop according to S-C ranges. On the other hand, I always make standard steal raises in late position, because then you have position and can easily outplay fish postflop(which is not the case when you're in SB and OOP) and good players will most of the time 3-bet or fold anyway and you'll have an easy decision against them as well.

    • thazar
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      Thank you guys for your insight, I am gonna give it another try while been more carefull a bit more carefull
    • VheroM
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      If you're using a system like this you need to really manage your bankroll. You can lose a lot on pure flips so small samples are meaningless.