PokerStars watch

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    • Fagin
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      I saw a watch advertised for £125,000 a couple of years ago. Platinum, gold, diamonds, big designer name, etc., etc.... I wouldn't have paid $112 for that one so I definitely wouldn't pay it for the one you are thinking of.

      At the end of the day it is only a watch and it will only tell you what time it is. If you really think it is worth $112 of your hard earned cash then buy it otherwise why bother?

      I would hesitate to pay $1.12 for the one you are thinking of but then again I don't wear a watch - ever.

    • opal99
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      I think about it too... doesnt look bad so may be worth 7k points.. maybe.. some better picture would help me to decide
    • Cakara
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      there's no info about manufacturer so it could be some chinese sh*t or it could be brand name i dunno. if it's branded it good price compared to local shops.