Bonuses and TAF payouts

    • dandycal
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      Hi, I would like to know what the conditions are for withdrawing the bonuses of TOP20/250 promotions and the TAF payouts at the casinos. You only offer payouts to casinos where I don't have active accounts. I once got some TAF money sent to my mansion account and the money is still there because they don't allow me to withdraw it, apparently due to the fact that I never got the 3000 points to release the $50 second starting capital there - even though what I'm trying to withdraw is a TAF bonus, not the initial $50.

      So before I send my next payouts anywhere, I'd like to have some clarifications on this, what are the conditions for me to withdraw these bonuses?

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    • dandycal
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      Below is the answer I received from Mansion, so it seems it really isn't possible for me to receive my payouts through that account, unless I'm willing to play there untill I get the 3000 points.

      I don't have an account in Titan, and my account in Party isn't tracked, is there any other possibility here? For instance, can the money possibly be sent to my brother's account on Titan poker?


      "Thank you for your email and contacting regarding your withdrawal query. Please be advised that unfortunately until you furfill the agreement you signed up to when opening your account with us through Pokerstrategy of earning 3000 Mansion Poker points before requesting withdrawal then no withdrawals can be permitted. Regarding your query on whether Pokerstrategy will be able to fund your MansionPoker account with pay outs from promotions, you would need to contact them directly and ask them to contact our Security team to see if this would be possible. However it would still stand that no withdrawals could be made until the 3000 points have been earned."
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      Hi Daniel,

      Sorry, I don't know the answers to your questions, but I have flagged these to our Community Managers and hopefully they will be able to have an answer for you shortly.

      Best regards,

    • dandycal
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      Alright, I'll be waiting. Thanks a lot Bart.
    • T3rMiT3
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      from what i know you can receive your money to the party poker account even if it isn't made through pokerstrategy... all you have to do is to enter the accont name on pokerstrategy ... that's what i know (hope i'm right)
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      I can just say I had similar problem with Titan but they allowed me to withdraw everything I recieved from PS after some discussion, so I hope Mansion will allow the same... maybe PS can help you a bit here too
    • Thomas
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      Hello dandycal,

      sorry for the late reply but I was only made aware of the issue today.

      The only poker rooms available for these payouts are Titan Poker, Mansion Poker and PartyPoker.

      You already posted the conditions for Mansion Poker. Along with that comes the limit of a lifetime payout of $200 to that poker room.

      At Titan Poker you should be able to withdraw your money without any conditions if you have got an active account there.

      For PartyPoker you have to play 15% of the amount in PartyPoints to clear the money.

      You can receive your payouts with PartyPoker and Titan Poker on account that aren't tracked through us.

      Please be aware, that the poker rooms can always change their conditions.

      If you have queries like that, please don't hesitate to contact us via our ticket system.

      Kind Regards,