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      Sat through a whole orbit before realizing that I was at a Pot Limit table... I didn't catch on until I was dealt Pocket Qs UTG and was only allowed to raise to $0.85 :(

      Pot-Limit Hold'em, $0.25 BB (9 handed)

      SB ($36.65)
      BB ($10.50)
      Hero ($4.65)
      UTG+1 ($21.30)
      MP1 ($25.25)
      MP2 ($12.20)
      MP3 ($35.50)
      CO ($26.15)
      Button ($1.50)

      Preflop: Hero is UTG with Q:diamond: , Q:spade: .
      [color:#CC3333]Hero raises to $0.85[/color], UTG+1 calls $0.85, MP1 calls $0.85, MP2 calls $0.85, [color:#666666]5 folds[/color].

      Flop: ($3.75) 8:spade: , 3:spade: , 4:heart: [color:#0000FF](4 players)[/color]
      [color:#CC3333]Hero bets $3.6[/color], UTG+1 calls $3.60, MP1 folds, MP2 folds.

      Turn: ($10.95) A:diamond: [color:#0000FF](2 players)[/color]
      [color:#CC3333]Hero bets $0.2 (All-In)[/color], UTG+1 calls $0.20.

      River: ($0) J:diamond: [color:#0000FF](2 players, 1 all-in)[/color]

      Final Pot: $11.35

      Results in white below: [color:#FFFFFF]
      Hero has Qd Qs (one pair, queens).
      UTG+1 has Ks As (one pair, aces).
      Outcome: UTG+1 wins $11.35. [/color]

      Being at a No-Limit table obviously wouldn't have changed anything since he had the nut flush draw + overcards...but it still stinks :(

      On the good news side though, I've moved up from NL10 to NL25 and have continued my good run :D I think SSS is VERY ++++EV! 4+PTBB/100 for almost 6,000 hands at NL10 :D

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