promo bonus: party points required?

    • datsmahname
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      How to earn the $50 bonus?

      You earn points when you play poker. At PartyPoker these points are called PartyPoints. The more you play, the more points you receive.

      Once you've downloaded the software correctly with bonus code PS150 via and entered your account name here, you will receive your $50.

      You need to collect 100 PartyPoints within 90 days in order to withdraw these $50.
      this is from the bonus review page...

      Basically the key point here is that PokerStrategy is claiming that we only need to collect 100 points within 90 days, but my bonus restriction is 300 points.

      Is the PokerStrategy page wrong or am i being asked to collect more than I should be?
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    • UltimateBlue
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      You need to collect 300 points for the $50.
    • Schnitzelfisch
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      I believe there were some changes to the party poker point system which might be the reason that the amount of required points changed as well. This is the correct information on party poker starting capital:

      Party Poker:

      The 50$ bonus:

      You have 90 days to collect 300 basic PartyPoints (without multiplier) otherwise the bonus expires and you lose the $50 (or what is left of it)
      The bonus will expire if you make a deposit yourself, or if at any point in time you have less than $1 in your account.

      The 100$ bonus:

      The additional 100$ expires if you sit down at a table with your entire bankroll. You should always have at least $2 left on your account.

      After you have earned 300 PartyPoints and cleared the $50 starting capital you can clear the $100 bonus.
      You have 90 days to clear the bonus and it will be automatically paid out in four steps of $25 for each 150 PartyPoints.
      That means to clear the entire 100$ you need to accumulate 600 PartyPoints.
      So you have to collect 300 points to clear the $50 bonus and then additional 600 to clear the $100 bonus.


    • FakeLunatic
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      I am currently clearing $100 bonus, and although it said I need 150 points to clear $25 in beginning, now it says that I need 100 points per $25, so maybe starting capital requirements changed too.
    • wowadvisor
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      I received 2 bonusses a few days ago...

      bonus 1:
      they gave me 50 dollars for nothing.. i just need 300 partypoints in order to keep it and withdraw it

      bonus 2:
      300 dollar bonus... 2 instalments of 150 dollars each for 450 partypoints per instalment.

      they changed the rake system and we are gaining less partypoints per 100 hands so they lowered the partypoints needed for bonusses! :)