dealing with Min-raises from BB?

    • NickParkes
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      I am wondering about what ranges people call min-raises in the BB?

      Currently I am playing NL25 so a but min raise would leave me with .25 to call into a .85 pot which gives me 1:3.4 odds which means that I could theoretically call with ATC . While 2 things to consider are villain's position/range and positional disadvantage.

      In general the OR range is fairly loose, so what would be a good calling range?
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    • Bierbaer
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      That largely depends on who's minraising, without further reads i usually just fold all craphands as well as "medium" hands like 96s.
      It's a pure guessing game about what the opponent minraised with so you'll end up making costly mistakes because you're OOP and have no clue what the opponent could possibly have.