bss stats are they ok?

    • johny8984
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      hello first of al thanks for taking the time to read my post i just woundered if someone could tell me if my stats are ok or if any are showing majour weakness's in my bss game (this is full ring) small sample size i know just want to check nothing is way out from what it should be, anyfeed back would be much appreiated

      hands 10410

      vp$ip 11.6%
      handrange flop 13.1%
      preflop raise 6.8%
      open raise late postion 15%
      fold sb to steal 93.8%
      fold bb to steal 86%
      agression factor 1.5
      handrange showdown 3.8%
      WtSDwsF 50.9%
      W$wsF 36.8%
      bigblinds/100 14.2

      thanks in advance
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    • kosmonaut111
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      I´d say your VPIP and PFR are too far apart. It means you limp or coldcall too much. You could get some looser preflop but 11,6 is ok. Your AF of 1,5 is quite low. Try to call postflop less and raise/fold more. If you plan to call, bet yourself etc.
      Dont notice anything else based on your stats. Your winrate is good, so it seems you are playing right (or have some big heater).
    • METALzx
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      you are a nit ;)

      pfr could be higher, and af too like pfr: 8 & af: 2.0
    • delete461
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      wtsd seems very high too - what is your w@sd value? You seem to be calling down a lot.
    • johny8984
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      thansk for the replys

      i thought i might be calling down a bit to much

      ill adust to what has been said and compare the next 10k hands to what i have here see if i can fix the leaks as much as possible

      once again thanks for the advice and help

      johny8984 :f_grin:
    • wowadvisor
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      my vpip is between 15 and 16
      and my pfr is between 10 and 11 every single session

      its going very well with these stats...