[NL20-NL50] 50NL SH BvB 43s

    • Gerv
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      saw flop

      UTG ($31.08)
      Button ($68.64)
      Gerv (SB) ($50.75)
      BB ($44.28)

      Preflop: Gerv is SB with 3, 4
      2 folds, Gerv bets $1.25, BB calls $1

      Flop: ($3) J, 5, 2 (2 players)
      Gerv checks, BB bets $1.50, Gerv raises $6.50, BB calls $5

      Turn: ($16) 8 (2 players)
      Gerv bets $9, BB calls $9

      River: ($34) A (2 players)
      Gerv checks, BB bets $26.78, Gerv calls $26.78

      I was experimenting with c/R - followup Turn line while being OOP since I knew he saw me check/folding 2 or 3 times where I raised in early position and thus OOP postflop

      Now when he calls the Turnbet, I either put him on NutFlush like A:d4 or A:d3, the strong suited aces he would 3bet pre
      Also he could have Jx which can be turning in a bluff on the river when I check.

      I don't think I can get WORSE hands call the River thus I opted for check/call despite the thought that worser hands could check behind since it depends on the opponent I am playing against whether he can make bluffmoves

      Since I only have went to SD with him once (He played TPWK very passive) I opted for a check/call here

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    • Kaitz20
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      c/r flop is interesting line.
      If player like to raise a lot then you can also take bet/shove line on that boards or just cold 3-barrel him if he doesn´t want to go on showdowns
      river: hard him to call you down with one pair hand, so I kind of like c/c river, although when he bets himself I think he mostly has there two pair hand
      So instead of c/c I think betting river 8-10$ is also fine option, since he might call down light or shove with bluffs/two pair hands