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      Quick intro -

      Ok I'll keep this short and sweet my name is Adam, i'm 22. I first learnt poker with my friends when I was 18 although my real interest began in the summer of last year. Blah blah blah you've probably heard it all before :D

      So what?

      My short term goals are:

      Silver status on Poker Strategy

      Play more

      Keep updating this blog

      Study Poker

      Enjoy poker

      Drink a beer later on

      Long term goals

      No Tilt

      Study even more poker

      Clear 1000SP at Everest

      Gold Status

      Other notes:
      I am still very much a beginner, playing at Everest concentrating mainly on SSS NL10 FR, and $1 SnGs.
      I can manage 5-6 hours per day max, no idea if that is a small amount or a lot or somewhere inbetween.
      I just got poker tracker 3, so i'm sorry that this isn't from the very beginning ;(

      Update 1 SSS

      Played for a couple hours today on SSS NL10 FR only. Started off well and was dealt pocket kings twice in a row :D :D

      I got dealt kings two more times much later on and twice someone called my all in and hit their queen to make a set on the river/ 9 on the river to make a straight respectively. Awesome!! wait... no.. ?(

      Anyhows heres some info on today -
      BR - $77
      Everest SP - 89

      I will have to post some hands up at some point, feedback would be welcome. Anyways speak later i'm off. Graphs coming soon :)
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      Good luck with that man :)
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      Good luck man will follow :) !
    • adammz
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      Thanks guys, =) I have at least two people that are following the blog so thanks to you it makes it all worthwhile.

      Am at work at the mo :O but will most likely play a session when I get back tonight :tongue:

      I want to elaborate a bit on last nights update with a graph, but instead i'll just post one tonight of yesterdays and todays sesh.

      I will post graph updates once a week or thereabouts, and post some minor updates now and again. I will also have to rack my brains and find out what makes for an interesting blog... hmmmm.

      Over and out.
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      Update #2 SSS

      I played for a couple hours tonight. Good news also, I drunk a beer so that's my first short term goal achieved.

      Ok so here's my graph for the first two days play. Yesterday it was all about the pocket Kings (even though they failed me the last two times), tonight it was all about the AK and AKs, they fared me well..... excellent :]

      More aims:

      Of course! I forgot to mention I'd like to move up limits. My first aim will be to get to $100 in order to try out the $2 SnGs, and then to $150 to move up a limit using SSS.


      I have to learn to let go of a high pocket pair on a draw heavy board. It is that simple but so hard to do (ohhhh if I just call this bet I can see the Turn! etc) <------- not good thinking and not part of SSS :f_confused:

      Be wary of Tilt - especially after hands like this:

      Hand #5459546746 begins at 2010/01/19
      Dealing down cards
      Dealt to adammz [A :spade: K :club:]
      adammz posts the small blind of $0.05
      BB posts the big blind of $0.10
      UTG2 posts the dead big blind of $0.10
      UTG1 folds.
      UTG2 checks.
      MP1 folds.
      MP2 folds.
      MP3 folds.
      CO folds.
      BU folds.
      adammz raises to $0.55.
      BB to $1.70.
      UTG 2 folds.
      adammz calls $1.15.
      Dealing Flop [J :heart: 2 :spade: A :diamond:]
      adammz bets $3.30.
      BB calls $3.30, and is all-in.
      Dealing Turn [Q :diamond:]
      Dealing River [A :heart:]
      adammz shows [A :spade: K :club:]
      adammz has Three of a Kind, Aces
      BB shows [Q :heart: A :club:]
      BB has Full House, Aces full of Queens
      BB wins $9.44

      But yeah I still need to fix leaks in my knowledge and game, there will always be room for improvement, OBVS!


      I did have a good run, if only for a few hours:

      BR - $86
      SP - 100

      Halfway to silver status on poker strategy :D

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      Hoping for a few good sessions tonight and tomorrow. I have the day off work friday aswell :) :) :)

      The only two things that overshadow this is that:
      a) I am still waiting to get paid X(
      b) I am moving house this weekend so....

      I'm not sure when i'll be playing again as it will take some time to set up the phone & internet connection & wireless in the new place.

      I will post another update and graph on my SSS once I reach 1k hands.

      I played a few SnGs last night and came 2nd in one and the rest I did not play so well. I just missed out on getting paid in one SnG:

      I was the short stack, 5 players left and in BB position.

      I was dealt Q :club: J :diamond:

      Everyone else folded and I presume the SB tried to steal my blind away (BB @ 200, my stack was 1200 or thereabouts), so I pushed all in and the SB called and showed K :club: 3 :heart:

      I am under the impression that a QJo may not have been the best time to push, although I wasn't sure if I was going to get anything better with 6 BB left. Then again a K3o doesn't seem like a very good call either...

      Anyone care to speculate/educate me a bit?
    • adammz
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      Ok, I guess ICM trainer can help me with that SnG situation.

      Anyways I wasn't gonna post another graph until 1k hands, but my graph looks like a skyline which I thought was funny. Hmmm I think I need to work on my consistency a bit.

      consistency 1 adammz 0

      I played a couple hundred hands tonight, that is all. Spent most of the day packing up the house, and sorting through everything.. fun.. :O

      BR - $83

      SP - 129

      Not too long until Silver status and then the further knowledge shall be mine! :s_biggrin:

      Ok and on that note i'm off, not sure about next update but should be in about a week or so :D Bye!