adjustments from NL 25 to NL 50 playing SSS

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    • knb22
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      On NL50, most games tend to tighten up, so if you haven't read the gold articles concerning resteals and isolation, you should do that. You could also loosen up a little from late postition if you feel comfortable with your postflop play. Also check out all videos on SSS NL25 and NL50
    • Smileyphil
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      I found a lot more people raised me over a cbet as well at NL50. If you are still cbetting 100% against 1 opponent spend a bit of time looking at situations where you can alter your line, such as:

      1) Not cbetting at all and giving up the hand. i.e. a coordinated high card board where you hold a low pair.

      2) Delaying the cbet in order to hit either an actual out or a card that looks like an out. i.e. a low board where you can represent any high card on the turn.

      3) Situations where you can cbet/broke i.e. with two overcards and a gutshot.

      4) Situations where you might 2nd barrel to drive off floaters i.e. where scare cards come on the turn.

      I personally have not made enough of a study of this in my game. It is a leak I am currently working on but I think around NL50 this becomes more important as players stop playing fit/fold and begin to be a bit more aggressive.