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Worst thing happend: tilt helped :-(

    • EasterH
      Joined: 04.10.2008 Posts: 54
      Hi since 3 days i#m in a really bad down swing...
      from Sept i tripled my BR (over 150) and now i'm down to 37$ again

      all because i somehow cant win anymore...
      i play the same strat tht worked before.. some kind of modified SSS

      but the sad thing iis:
      i hit NOT ONE SINGLE FLOP for some days now
      if I get AKs flop is 789 :heart: -> 109 bust me
      if i play suit connectors like 89suit nd try to steal, i get called- flop AKQsuit
      flush gests busteb by flush
      full house by full house...
      and of course our special friends... i loose all 3 outers and worse
      AA <10Q, KK<A8, KK<A2 etc etc. you all know how it is sometimes

      but now the worst thing:
      I tiltet 2 times with 85> AA and 75o>QQ... and won
      and got some of my BR back.. but immediately stopped playing

      tht kinda scared me...playing on probability gets sucked out
      and random alll in wins? why am i playing poker then...
      man that cannot be true :-(
      no fun

      i will stop for today and hope tomorrow brings better luck
      (or simply probability P L Z!)

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    • arisko
      Joined: 23.09.2009 Posts: 392
      Too bad you haven't gotten your fair share of pots... yet. As you probably know, probability is called probability because it's probable, not certain. Especially when playing SSS you rely on having a small edge and instead put in a lot of volume to compensate for the little edge you actually play with.

      SSS is a long-term strategy because of this little edge that you have. If you flip a coin 8 times, you might hit tails 8 times. Let's say you lose if you hit tails and stop there, of course you will be down. But since you have to flip a coin many times to get a good sample size, you will have to keep on playing for all eternity to always be close to 50% +-0,000...1%

      When you play SSS with this small edge, you will have to put in a lot of volume, focus, play consistently good and not give up because your down to actually be at the winning side more often than you are on the losing side.

      You should hope that players will keep playing you with T 9 vs AK since you will win most of the times.

      GL @ the tables

      PS: You shouldn't think that SSS is only about playing on pot equity since this only goes for lower limits. There's a lot more thinking from what I've seen on SSS blogs here at PS. Try and find a couple of good blogs that motivate you to play SSS, and try not to play while tilting just because it saved you once :)