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MTT Problem, how to play against loose-agresive oponent in mid-late phase of tournament?

    • juracike
      Joined: 15.09.2008 Posts: 51
      I have big problem on the MTT, on SnG or SnG MTT i didn`t saw tihs problem, but then i start play MTT [from10$ to 26$] i find that are one situation that are very frustrating to me.
      example: i play tournament very well, have chip lead on the table and to my table comes lose oponent [this is middle o late stage of tournament with big blinds and antes] (the problem is bigger then oponent seat for my right, the closer to me the bigger problem to me play) and he starts play to me very aggresive. He steal every blind, then i try to steal o play strong he play more stronger then me. example he make 3xBB raise from CO, BU fold, then i 3x his raise, and hi shoves(40BB)!! ?. And every time like this. I know that if you want to win tournament you must be aggresive, must steal and re-steal and ect, but this oponent are not shark his roi [-15] his look like standart maniac-fish.
      How to play against him? how to play then very loose oponent reraise you every time then you try to play or try to pick up pot?
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    • NickParkes
      Joined: 07.07.2008 Posts: 1,526
      If he is sitting on your right, then you have position on him when you are not in the blinds. Use it to your advantage. While these players are annoying, they can also be very profitable, but you have to pick your spots carefully... in general, if he is loose, you need to be tighter when you 3-bet OOP, especially if he is not gonna fold easily. This is the opponent that will pay your monsters off, so play value poker against him... The best opponents to resteal against are opponents who think more and are capable of folding decent hands, not monkeys who would probably 4-bet with deuces :f_p: