Hi lennonac ,

You posted a reply to my :
AVERAGE WINNINGS for a 2 HOUR sitting using SSS
in the Beginners Questions section.

Thank you for the link to you blog,
by posting your blog you achieve a lot of things that are positive

You get to process you thoughts
have a account to look back at
get feedback
get ideas
get encouragement
+ see your own progress
and encourage others
also more ;)

Nice 1 keep it up and may your growth continue
(remember lossing is also a part of that growth)

I have being playing Texas hold'em No Limit/ freerolls/SnG cash/
Ring table cash/MTT cash games for nearly a year now.

Before that i had never played poker in my life,
i just started to play /no books/no knowledge/nothing at all
i soon picked it up and have 7 accounts with poker clients
all of which have cash in them/without me depositing a penny
Not bonus money either/just by starting in freerolls
so as to get some experience and understanding.

I read 1 book after 6 months play

Well after 11 months of play i realised that there was more
I.E. strategy/and not just my strategy from experience
but a certain formula that creates the groundwork-base

11 month 1 week i found pokerstrategy

11 monts 2 weeks, have worked out the whole concept of the bonus being offered.
Realised that i need to concentrate on 1 strategy SSS only (on high stake (12,000/40,000 buy in at ring table PLAY MONEY)
small stake will only attract what is not needed (YOU ALL KNOW WHAT I MEAN) LOL

In order to memories it and perfect it.
Then learn the next strategy BSS and do the same on play money,
then claim the $50 free into a new account and attack the FPP challenge

As long as i clear the bonus with FPP then i will have a nice bankroll of
$2596 after 4 to 5 months. :D

ok, yes it will take a while and is small steps
the greatest journey starts with the first step that leads to the next and so on !

Also realised that now after nearly a year of playing,ithe way forward
is to learn more than play now.

Put a concrete frame work around my game that i already have,
and when i have learned and applied the structure (that is concrete +
tested over time)
I then have a more allrounded game due to blending
my natural game and the strategy concepts.

So yes i agree whole heartedly with you on the importance of
always learning more and making it sink in.

It can sometimes seem like a tall order to absorb all that knowledge
The key to the secret of this is simple thou
Break it down it to small parts
and attack 1 part at a time and only when you have achieved the first step
then move to the next step

I hope you and anyone who reads this gains something positive from it.

I wish you all the best of luck & plenty of skill + application/determination+focus to you Lennonac
That also goes for anyone else reading this :s_biggrin: