what is the chance?

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      I have one problem and therefore a question.

      I have never come up with the next percentage:

      What is the percentage to be beaten by higher full house?

      I know this is kind of stupid question, but lately i get beaten by a lot of higher full houses. The cance to catch one is not that high and then when you catch one you raise and raise and your oponennt show higher, is very costly.Cuz if i play these hands passively it brings me no good too - no profit. Can i expet that this "hexe" will turn in my favour sometimes?

      The same goes for sets. pocket 8s and at the end QQQ against 888. Does this happens a lot or just me?
      How should i play a set when i flop one? I just cannot come up with the raight play for sets so please help me.

      Thnx in advance
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