Getting crushed by Big Stack when all in

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      Hi all,

      I am having some problems dealing with the hits I am taking when Im the small stack & I'm all in against the big stack. A little background: I am a relatively new player and have been playing micro SNG MTT on Pokerstars and Micro SNG STT on Titan. I play these levels because I don't want to loose my starting capital and I want to improve before I consider moving up. I'm pretty happy with the fact that after 100 $0.25 sng on Titan I am down only 2 buy-ins and that is mainly thanks to sticking to the strategy taught here. Small sample I know.

      I am not a great player, but I have been studying the videos here and reading what I can. I play quite tight and as a result I often find myself the shorty as the MTT progresses. As the blinds approach, I am forced to eventually make a move. I try to wait for a decent hand (lately I have been paying closer attention to the PS push/fold chart) and I also try to wait till late position and 1st to act to improve my odds.

      I invested in Poker tracker - I am interested in seeing impovement in my play rather than looking at financial results. After a series of big stack suckouts on Pokerstars, I went back through pokertracker and looked at the results for all the situations where I was all in pre-flop against the big stack. The sample size is quite small - and I understand the concept of variance - but my results against the Big stack, whether I am the fav or not, are very bad. I am beaten by a flush quite often and I rarely suck out when I am the underdog.

      I understand the big stack will call against the short stack with a wider range, but the number of flushes and straights that the big stack hits against me is incredible. The Big stack is hitting a flush 5 times more often than me. Getting in with the best hand doesn't appear to help and I have noticed this especially on pokerstars. I see it happen to other shortys as well and I would be happy to hear some reasoning and advice here.

      I want to imrove but this is pretty demoralising.

      Thanks in advance.
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      First of all, going against the big stack is a BAD idea (unless of course you got a better hand then he does). Try to play a bit looser and steal some blinds in button or cutoff position in middle stage of SNG, this way, you won't be short stacked late in a SNG. Always look at the blind levels. Don't let yourself get so short that you have to push. Also you have to see how your opponents play. Are they loose or tight players? Hope this helps
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      I had about the same problem and some answers from this thread were helpful.

      My advice is the same as ironmask92 stated: loosen up. Try playing some suited cards and maybe you'll hit the flop.