Most of you will have heard of the new law proposals the Dutch goverment has prepared which will make lagally playing online poker only possible at the Holland Casino site (which doesn't exist yet). There is also with an absurd new tax of won money of over 40% (!) planned. If we do nothing and this proposal will get through the days of online poker freedom will be over for us as of januari 2008.

A lot of you most likely already seen the petition that was started to collect names of those who apose to this new proposal. For those who have not seen it yet, or have not signed it yet, please go there and sign your name! Let your voice be heard!!!

If you're from the Netherlands and you like to play poker, and like to still be able to play in 2008 legally, then sign the petition now so we can all try and save our poker careers. We don't want to end up like the USA players.

This is the site for the petition:

I hope this message is allowed, i have no intention to break any rules, i just want to get the message out to as many Dutch players as possible. I'm sure there are some of you hiding out here and hopefully this message will draw in more and more names on the list.

Also if PokerStrategy would like to help and send out an e-mail to all the Dutch players, that would be REALLY awesome. Not sure if it's possible though?

Thank you all!