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      There is a few successes I wanna share :-) One of them, the most concerning poker, is my current play. You know, I was never a good cash game player. When I started with poker some years ago, I lost $200 without even knowing, what I am doing :-) As a lot of players, I watched poker in TV and it fascinated me. So I surfed an internet a bit, installed the first poker room I found, deposited $50 and start playing $0.05/$0.1 cash game (I think that was the lowest stakes at that site). And by playing I mean the "TV play" - big overbet blufs when I had nothing and no or very small bets with my big hands, which I had noticed on a paper aside.

      After I lost that money few times, I understood that something is terribly wrong :-) I don't know how, but somehow I found PokerStrategy, passed the quiz, got free $50 and start playing accordingly. SSS, microstakes SnGs and DoNs at the end. That was great. I recovered from my previous losses (thanks PS!), bought Tournament Indicator and Poker Tracker on the way. But after some time I got a bit tired. Don't know all the reasons, but at the end it was not that much fun as at the beginning. So I took a break, withdraw everything what was possible (about $300), add a bit and made myself pleasure. I like cooking! LOL

      Only that left was the money which were bound on some of my accounts. When I was in a mood, I tried to clear them, withdrawing, what was possible or gambling the rest (like in $20 DoNs fe.). So few months ago I had another $50 for the next start. Once again I was hungry for poker. And I wanted to beat cash game finally. I registered at Everest Poker and start playing NL $0.01/$0.02 full ring. I am aware saying, that I am beating this stakes. But due to my previous poker experiences, great help from PS, and also thanks to reading David Sklansky and Ed Millers book: No Limit Holdem Thery and Practice, I am runnig pretty well. Better then I expected. After two months I added $90 ($65 winnings + $25 bonus cleared) to my bankroll. I don't have much time for poker, I play usually just one hour before going to sleep and not every evening. So I am happy with about 1500 hands a week, now 6 tabling. On the other side, poker is my hobby and I can spent like $50 a month without any problems, which I can add to my bankroll if necesary. Still the cash game beginner, so I expect some loses on the way :-) At a moment I think I have big enough bankroll to go a level higher. $0.02/0.04 at Cake Poker probaby, as there is no such level on Everest. Very excited about that :-)

      I also crossed the 1000 strategy points milestone. Finally! Next success : ) Shame nobody pointed me to that site, so nobody get an extra money for reffer a friend program :-)

      And for the last, but not least, I got married : ) In May of the last year we had two beautiful weddings. One in the Czech republic with my family and friends, and one in the Ukraine with my wifes family and friends. She knows about my poker hobby. At the beginning I think she just tolerated it, but now she is quite comfortable with that. Well, I learned dancing salsa because she loves it, so why wouldn't she let me play poker time to time? : ) And she understand now, that I will not gamble all our money away. Actually, we have quite fine system. I don't play when we can do something else together. And she is a skylark and I am rather owl, so I know I have my time in the night, when she is already sleeping. One hand playing poker, other hand gently scratching her back sleeping next to me :-) Of course we have some small accidents (Don't you mind if I lay down and play poker a bit? Well, I just wanted to show you my new underwear I bought today, but do as you wish!), but that is just normal I think :-)

      And these are my small poker successes. I am once again happy with the poker. I am running quite well at a moment and my BR is big enough to get me one level higher soon. I managed to balance poker with my family life. And I am very comfortable with how it all works together, even if I don't have that much time for poker as earlier. And that is just great : )

      Wish you all the best in your poker lifes. And who knows. Once we may meet at a WSOP Main Event final table. :-) Good luck everybody!
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