Hello guys,

I am currently working on a new NL FR video series which will cover moving up from Small-to-Midstakes. In this series I also want to work with some of you who are regulars on these stakes. I intend to include User Reviews in the series in order to talk about different approaches to the games and possibly show common mistakes. The User Reviews will either be a review of a pre-recorded video or a HM-Replayer Analysis of hands you selected, which basically amounts to a free coaching for you.

The only requirement is that you are regular on these stakes and that you play on the site where you have the most reads/stats/history. We can blur your screenname in the video if you like to remain incognito. Often I will ask you to co-star in the video, so we can talk about your play/thoughts/lines together and hopefully start a healthy discussion packed with interesting content :)

In this thread I will keep you posted on what I currently need for the purpose of my series.

Plz apply by posting in this thread and telling me a little about your poker-background, how long you have been playing the respective stakes for and what your ambitions poker-wise are.

First request: I would like to make a User Review of a pre-recorded NL100 FR Session.