Every start is hard

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      I just want to share with you my experience from yesterday.

      Im not a totallly beginner, I have some experiences with live game in local casino, I played some student tournaments, but Im miserable in online game. Maybe Im not so patient, I lost easy concentration, or I donno why, I played at expekt, after I jeopardize my BR I decided to start from 0, I have discovered this great site and start reading and studying. I received 50 usd starting bonus, so I wanted to try my gained knowledge in praxis :D .

      First I played mistakenly higher stakes as I can afford and played the 0.1/0.25 stakes on PS, after one lucky game, where I was on SB, I got AA I raised, BB reraised me all in, I easy call, and that was my only win on that stake, after that, I- practising TAG style, was only few times in game, and I lost some dollars, so I moved to my stakes, 0.01/0,02, there I played on 4 tables, what I remember, were two or three hands where I lost some $ (I will have to search and transcript it via hand converter) to get an advice from you, I will post them in some of next posts.

      At night I tried the 1 $ DoN turbos, in first round (I played 3 at the same time) I have won all three, the next round in one tournament I lost a game, where I was preflop all in with AA against 88, it happens, I know, but maybe I lost some selfconfidence and afterwards IMHO I played too tight in the next two tournaments and I havent handled the push/fold phase, and lost all three.

      So the result is -8,5 usd, almost 1/5 of my bankroll :( .
      What would you advise me, to stay at the low stakes and play there, or should I keep trying DoN, because I really enjoy them.
      What means fixed limit on PS, its something like limit holdem?
      Thanks for reading this.

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