Kobe_LG: R U freakin' kidding me?
Villain: I've lost 300$ on bad beats worst than that
Kobe_LG: don't u mean by calling with stupid ass cards like those

what am I talkin about?

well I'm sittin BB with my pocket A's :D hoping for some action, two guys limp and i raise to 6 BBs, both limpers call and flop comes 2 Q 5 different suites and I valubet for 2/3 pot(around half my stack), first limper folds the other one raises to all in, so I'm thinkin what could he hold KQ, QJ, maybe a small pocket pair(he's trying to scare me off), seeing that he limped I didn't put him on QQ, anyway I was comitted, so I make the call and moron looks me up with Q2s. turn comes 2, river 4, and of course i lose :f_cry:

As I'm writing this post I'm hangin on the edge of the cliff, i mean TILT, but not just because of this bad beat but because I got my AA and KK cracked in a 2 hour session by K2s, J4s and the aforementioned Q2s. Now in all these hands i lost to two pair, unlucky me the board didn't pair to help me out, it only pairs when i got the straight and get called by two pair to complete the villain's full house (but that's another story).

I'm sure all of you experience bad beats like this, and I'm sorry to bore you guys with my petty problems, but I just felt like i had to post my frustration somewhere and this kinda felt like the place to do it (i'd tell it to my girlfriend but she'd be like "aha...ok" :f_confused: ).

Anyways, good luck at the tables