SnGs Tables that don't appears

    • stevegold87
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      Hello everyone,

      I have this weird problem, from time to time, my SnG table will NOT open after I registered and the only way to find my SnG is either to restart my client or find it manually.

      I even think sometimes I have been "robbed" by full tilt as in I never realised I have less SnG open than what I signed up to. (Maybe some Multi tablers understand what I mean)

      a) I am not seeing some options and I will look stupid in the answers that you guys will give me and will be a total fail.
      b) It also happened to you so I am not crazy.
      c) Full tilt software maybe has a bug of some tables not opening after registering?

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    • sk345di
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      reinstall FTP software?
    • KobeLG
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      I experienced a similar problem on Party Poker, i was playing like 4 SnG's and entered in a MTT and about 5 mins after it started i realised i'm not playing in it. I searched manually i found myself at a table but couldn't open it, i got some dum message connection to server lost or something. the funny thing was the other tables were working just fine. I reopened the client and and it took me to all my tables including the MTT. The only thing I cold think of was that my internet connection timed out at the moment it was trying to open the MTT table.

      If u say this happens to u "from time to time" (it only happened to me once) I don't think it's the same in ur case.