Bad ass Desktop

    • lennonac
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      As the title I am looking for a bad ass desktop computer(in the UK)

      Anyone know of any good pc's
      looking for a decent processor 6gb+ram 1TB hard drive dual screens(22")

      I have looked about but just cant decide on anything

      Help anyone?
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    • Schnitzelfisch
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      Hey there!

      If I were looking for a badass desktop PC, I would firstly most likely buy the components seperately and build it by myself or ask a friend to do it as it should be much cheaper this way. A bad ass PC for me would probably have a geforce quadro fx grafic card, an intel core i7 processor and 6-8GB DDR3 RAM, along with a large SSD hard drive. But that would really be a top notch PC and it would probably be quite costy.

      Now to give you some advice, we need to know:

      -What exactly do you need it for (poker, watching HD videos, games, video editing, 3D design...)?

      -How much are you willing to pay for it?

    • lennonac
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      Hey mate,

      Poker mostly, along with some CGI for fun. I am not content with a standard computer, as I run some programs that do complex realtime calculations and my laptop which is duo 2.2ghz with 4 gb ram just cant handle it.

      Willing to spend about 2k

      Maybe I could build it myself as I am somewhat confident with electronics