• Misdeal
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      Hello, my name is Iain and I live in Scotland.

      I have practiced poker for quite a while, but have only played for fun. I am now ready to start playing for money (with the benefit of your fantastic articles and videos).

      I have passed the quiz, so when I receive my starting capital I will be good to go. :D
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    • wowadvisor
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      Lots of luck! read the basic articles and watch the basic videos until you get your capital! this will give you a great head start!
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Iain & welcome to the community.

      We've lots of friendly and eager to help members, I think you will really like it here.

      It shouldn't be long before your up & running, I concur totally with wowadvisor, the secret to retaining and building on your free bankroll is studying the strategy material carefully.

      Good luck and best regards,