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Excuse me for not using the typical converters; I don't have the original hands handy.

Here they are

Hand 1:

$5 typical full ring game. No stats for anyone.
im CO with AhKd.

2 guys limp I make the original raise (4xbb +2bb)

1 limper calls (stack $4) all the others fold. I got position on him.

Flop comes Ad Ts 2s

He bets half pot I 3 bet. He goes all in. What do we do in this situation?

my line of thinking is:

1) he got AK (more possible) or any other high Ace (less possible), and he plays bad.

2) he got 22 and got his set. (TT doesnt make sense since he should have raised with that hand).

3) maybe he has KsQs or KsJs so he has a gutshot straight AND a flushdraw, so actually he is ahead of me (doesnt make sense to call a bet this size oop, with such a marginal hand in cash, but again if donks didnt exist we would all break even).

How do I treat this situation?

Hand 2:

same senario as above.


A J 5 (ace and 5 suited)

he checks I bet 3/4 pot he goes all in.

Easy fold?
(2pair or set possibility , but on a paired board? it doesnt make sense, wouldnt he protect his hand against flushes?)

Hand 3:

full ring, no reads, almost all @ $5.

AK on the button.

MP1 (or EP3 don't remember exactly) open raises (x4bb) , I reraise him (x3 his raise) he calls.


A T 5 rainbow.

he insta shoves for around $3. (pot is $1).


is it safe to assume he is a donk with KK or QQ?

or do I fold?