Hi, I'm Alex, and this is my poker blog.

Background: I have played some poker online before, mainly NL5 and double up SnGs. Ended a winner @ around 150 euros which I withdrew some months ago.

After I found PokerStrategy, my thirst for the game game back.
With the $50 starting capital and all the wonderful articles and videos, I think I can't fail.

My goal is to grow my game, all others (including BR) will follow.

I will post daily and weekly graphs, hands that troubled me, and my realizations after analyzing the biggest hands.

Short Term Targets

Watch all bronze level FR cash vids for uNL.

Medium Term Targets
Grow Bankroll to $250 so I can move to NL10.
I currently start @ NL5 which is NOT recommended with this bankroll ($50 or 10 BI) but since I have beat this level again and again in past months I don't think I will fail).

Let the games begin!