Rush BSS 1.6kHand session

    • santostr
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      I'm done for today.

      1.6k Hands NL 10, +41bb, 2.54bb/100 hands
      About $6 rakeback to come.

      I think that sucks, but maybe it was a bad run.

      1 set over set, one flush river over my set...
      AA: Crushed twice(one time by 75o, isn't that nice?), got the blinds 4 times, endend on the cbet 1 time and only 2 made nice pots.

      KK: Got the blinds 6(!!) times.

      VP$IP: 16%
      PFR: 12%
      Agression Factor: 3
      WTSD: 24%

      I'm open raising any pair. Using Call20 to call a raise or re-raise.
      I'm not very good with connectors so I only open from MP3 or HJ position. Call in the blinds when I have odds.

      I have no idea if the AF is Ok.
      I don't like the WTSD. I think is too much. I won $ at SD only in 49% of the time, so something is wrong I guess.
      I overvalued overpairs in the past, but I'm working on that.

      Any tips?
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    • tokyoaces
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      Originally posted by santostr
      Any tips?
      Your results seem good for a TAG kind of game. I'm preferring the lag style but I'm only running 1.5 ptBB/100. :)

      I've found best sizing helps a lot. Raise a bit smaller than normal with your steals and save a half bet here and there. (This might not be as effective at NL$10 though.)

      What's your CBet F and CBet T ? That might help you diagnose your WTSD/W$SD problems.

      Also, take notes and export your stats to your FTP notes file. :s_grin:
    • santostr
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      I'll tell you that in a few days...
      +89 SP for an elephant license.