Quiz of the Week: Middle Pairs in Unraised Pots

    • awishformore
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      Hello fellow PokerStrategists!

      Taking over from last weeks close spots, we turn to an even more marginal situation in this week's edition of the quiz: the free play from the big blind.

      It's the most frequent marginal spot and as a poker player, you face it numerous times every day: nobody raises and you get to see a free flop from the big blind.

      A hand you wouldn't even play against a raise suddenly hits the flop and we find ourselves with a weak made hand with very little information to work with.

      It's natural that you don't feel comfortable in this spot, but you would just be giving away money to your opponents if you didn't at least put up a fight with your middle pair.

      The key to this kind of situation is - as so often - to find the right balance of putting up a fight and avoiding to overplay a marginal hand. As usual, this means that we have to adjust to the opponent and their playing style.

      Test yourself today and see for yourself whether you are able to squeeze out every inch of value from your free plays:

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    • PetterG2
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      Very interesting quiz!

      You have achieved a total 30 of 36 possible points. This corresponds to 83 % !

      I read question 7 a bit to quick, and thought we were in position which changed my decision. Not good. :( The rest was 2/3 points so overall I'm happy with my result :)