PokerStars: Minimum Buy-In too high for playing SSS

    • NevKnarf
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      Hi All!

      I have been playing at PokerStars for some time, trying to put the recently discovered Short Stack Strategy to work.

      However, many limits require a buy-in that is much higher than the calculated SSS buy-in.

      For example: playing at a NL 0,01/0,02 table, with 1 and 2cts blinds, SSS would calculate a buy-in of 20BB (= 40 cents). Top-up and Get-out levels are at 30 cents and 50 cents respectively.

      However, the required buy-in for this table at PokerStars is 1 dollar (=50BB)!

      So I've played SSS with this dollar, got out at 1,10 with 10 cents profit, and topped up when I when back to 0,90.

      But this really doesn't work well. Sometimes I go all-in when the charts tell me to, and lose the hand. This is quite natural, as you will not win every played hand. However, the problem is that losing the dollar I went all-in with, eats away many small profits of 10 cents. So my bankroll remains at the same level over time.

      I feel that since the required buy-in is so high, the Top-up and Get-out levels should be changed as well, for the SSS to work well at PokerStars.

      Does anyone have a clue what I can do to fix this? (Without having to change to another poker site.)

      Hope that somebody can help me... :)
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    • Kojika
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      SSS starts at NL10
    • Schnitzelfisch
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      Hello NevKnarf!

      Your assumptions point towards the right direction - it is not possible to play the SSS with 50bb ($1 at the NL2 table). I suggest you try playing at the 0.025/0.05 tables (NL5) where the minimum buy in should be 20bb ($1). If it is not, then you should go to the 0.05/0.10 (NL10) tables at which you definetely will be able to buy in for $2 (20bb) while still maintatining a quite solid bankroll management of 25 buy-ins.