Zibow´s new crazy challenge XD

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      Hey guys!!

      You probably don´t know me that much in the english community because I make videos for the spanish one so let me say hi :)

      I´m basically known for being a bit nuts hahaha I make videos about paying your rent and buying plenty of fruit before poker challenges. Yes, nuts xD

      Anyways, since my eyes aren´t square enough because of the computer, I´ve decided to buy a new pair of glasses and ruin what´s left of my sight playing DoNs like crazy during february xD

      Mi challenge consists on playing a minimum of 6700 DoNs during the month of february on the iPoker network. I´ll play whatever I can find between $10 and $30, shorthanded or fullring. I expect to be playing about 12 hours a day every day without a day of rest all month. I would like to add something even crazier like playing under water of bending over backwards but my health insurance say they won´t cover me so if you want, you can propose something yourselves :)

      I could make a video diary if you are interested. It could be funny to see how i wake up each morning cuffed to my pc xD

      All the best and good luck!!!

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