Elephant of a headache

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      Hi all, :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club: players :D

      Can any one tell me if elephant tracker works with freeroll games and
      play chip money ?

      I have set it up compleatly (read whole manual,blog etc !

      even installed the hotfix (on the blog)

      Have set up the HUD, ticked all boxes (import HH file to Elaphant file etc ! )
      selected poker client to track etc

      Hand Historys Import (section)
      But when i press Add folder button, it finds it - i then click import and it says files 20/20 are imported

      However hands imported says 0 ? ?(

      after this if i go to the hands or analysis tabs, it says "no hands in your database" ??

      HELP ! X(

      Any idea's ?

      While we are on the topic of trackers ANY 1 KNOW OF A DECENT 1 PLEASE

      Nice 1 & Have a GR8 1 =)
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