48 of waiting, no repond from anyone !!

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      Hey ,
      I am a new member here,
      I passed the quiz before a 2 weeks or so,

      After I passed the quiz I've waited 2 days, and only after 2 days you asked me an ID,
      Ok, I sent you my PASSPORT, from the front and from the back, 2 days ago,

      and did not get any respond either you got it or not..
      I sent it to "security@pokerstrategy.com" -

      Additionally, I made a "ticket" and wrote some questions, wich I didn't get also wny respond.
      and on top of everything I also wrote a letter to "support@strategypoker.com" - wich also went unresponded !

      Please help me, I don't know why its taking so much time to do that...
      I have no clue why I'm not getting any answers to my question, and even not a message that says you got the ID, and the mail arrived....

      Thank you very much,
      Chen Kenan ?(
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