Thanks PS and forum contributors

    • flopraiser
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      Just made my first $1000 courtesy of PS $50 starting capital, hopefully the first of many. Wouldn't have got there without the material and forum support on this site.

      Played some poker before joining this site but with little success, can understand how the fish play though as I used to be one of them.

      Currently running at 12.5 PT3 BB over 4k hands on nl25 6max and really enjoying my poker at the moment.

      So a big thanks to everybody for there input in helping me to where I am right now, have found the video's especially valuble and the forum has been great in helping me out with specific issues.
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    • D4NNYP
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      Nice work... That's great little streak your on..

      Though not made the 1k yet... These are my sentiments exactly.

      Had played a bit before joining, but with no success..

      After joining, I battled for a while, also changed games to find which one I liked most. Struggled to get past the $200 barrier (7 months X( ) but now I'm starting to make progress

      Also playing NL25 SH and a few $11 SnG's..

      Hope to join you in the 1K club soon..
    • flopraiser
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      3 months ago I had $65 in my account after a loosing streak that saw me lose 40BI on the $11 SnG's, thats when I decided I would be better sticking to the cash games. The implied odds against fish are incredible at times where as SnG's it all comes down to 1 hand often, with only the firstblind level or two giving you any implied odds. Get more satisfaction out of playing 6max SH cash games. There's a big contrast to the dynamics of both games.

      I have also read Dan Harringtons books on NL cash games which as much as anything was good to remind me of theorys and moves I had read over the last year on this site. Although I do think the game is more agressive now than at the time he printed the books.

      Good luck in your quest D4NNYP
    • Alan883
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      Great work man.

      I was so happy when i reach my 1k also. Great day for you. Dont play poker today and get a beer or two for your soul and for further poker career:) )

      Congrats:) )