Played my first live cash game down the casino last night, a £1/£2 NLHE game. After buying in for the minimum (£50), I was sitting on £120 after about 2 rounds. The table was playing really laggy 7-handed and I stood out as the tightest player, which worked to my advantage. Was unsure about the following hand though. Although I'm pretty sure I made the right fold, it was bugging me all last night.

I'm on the button with Td 9d. After failing to post the live straddle in time, UTG min raises blind, and the player to his left immediately raises to £8. 2 calls before me, so i just call, big blind and UTG also call. Flop comes AhKcTc. Everyone checks round, as do I. Turn comes Th. BB checks, UTG bets £25, and after a few moments thought, the preflop raiser raises to £125. It's folded round to me, I think for 2 minutes and fold. I figure there's too many hands that have me drawing to 10, 1 or even no outs, and too little in the pot to justify calling my last £109. The maniac to my right told me I was crazy for folding a 10 in that spot but I'm 90% sure the guy flopped the straight. It would definitely have been a -EV call against most hands except a bluff here right?

Sorry about the lack of formatting in this post btw, writing it on my phone!