HUNL is so awesome, needs more love

    • conall88
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      I notice theres next to no training for HU play on the site, and its left me pretty dumbfounded. I mean, theres so much potential edge to have over your opponents. The FR and 6max game strategies are well documented everywhere, leaving more shorthanded and HU situations being the places to get the biggest potential edge.

      Is there a reason this hasn't been done yet?

      I also notice the same for official coaches. no mention of coaching the HUNL format...

      loving HU on pokerheaven/Boss media in general. cashed well in some MTTs ( ~600 euros), staked my brother a bit, so left with 434 euros, and I manage to spin it up to 1k ( partial brag post I must admit :f_cool: , but its been a personal milestone for quite some time).

      I also love the fact you can be HU with a fish and take it all without having to share.


      today - , with history of about 150 hands, and a nice feel for how he plays, what he 4bets and 3bets with, and what textures he is happy to bluff on:

      and two hands later ( villain is on severe tilt, and ive been exploiting):

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    • fun101rockets
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      there are hu videos on pokerstrategy. some reasons this site does not recommend it for beginers (basic/bronze members) is:
      1. lowest cash limit on most sites is nl50
      2. advanced game (varies opponent to opponent)
      3. huge swings
      4. tilt-inducing game

      But yeah the potential winrate is huge.