Bad Streak

    • HerbGuy
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      Is there a whiners thread on here somewhere? Man what a bad streak I'm on...I had such a nice bankroll and now I'm so far back again. I wouldn't mind the losing so much if it weren't to a bunch donkie players.

      Anyway, when your on a bad much time do you suggest taking away from the tables...hours, days, ???? I'm thinking I'm in a tilt mode and a day or two away would probably be a good idea. Is playing another site a bad idea or should a person just stay away all together?

      Just wondering what other folks have tried in the past and maybe I just needed to vent a bit too :)
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi HerbGuy,

      Sorry to hear your on a bad streak at the moment.

      We do have the downswing board where you can vent out your frustration. Fellow members will be quick to console you and help to keep a positive focus on things.

      In terms of breaks, I often take them myself when I feel my game is suffering, either from bad beats or my own attitude/mood.

      It depends really on the circumstances, sometimes I just take a break between sessions and take a walk or have lunch etc.
      On other occasions, I might not play any poker for 2 to 3 days and then return re-focused and with a positive attitude.

      There is no easy way to it, variance is a right pain in the backside and always keeps returning. Just walk away for a short while if you start to feel anger/frustration etc.

      Hoping your fortunes improve soon, best regards,