I have failed all 5 quiz attempts!!! Can I get 1 more chance???

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    • Alan883
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      :( (( OOOH why didnt u carefully read the articles?

      OOh i hope u will ghet another chance.
      If u will get it please read articles carefully. This is the main thing in starting of oyur career.

      U have to know that if u read articles carefully and u understand its content u are for sure a winning player on micro limits and your porgress in guranteed.

      So good luck and i hope that PS can give you your final chance but i really doubt that this is possible.

      If they dont give u another chance there is still option that u deposit your own 50$, read articles carefully and then become a winning player.
    • NIVEKii
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      I don't think there's a chance you will get another chance, after all, you had not one, not two, but FIVE chances already.
    • DecMate
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      Like wow. It's 5 chances for a reason, so the uber retarded don't get in. No offence.
    • ihufa
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      haha you sir just made my day.

      not too clever are we :D
    • Hadi
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      Hey MaBakh4576,

      I'm sorry to hear that you didn't pass on your first five attempts. I suggest you contact customer support and explain them your situation - while you wait for a reply, you should take a more in-depth look at the strategy articles :)

      Best regards,

    • MaBakh4576
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      "Dear MaBakh4576,

      Thank you for your message.

      I'm very sorry that you were not able to pass the quiz but we do believe that 5 attempts are a sufficient amount of trials to allow our PokerStrategists to reasonably pass our quiz after carefully studying the content of the articles and videos provided.

      Furthermore, for each quiz you were provided up to one hour to complete the quiz, so we regret not being able to offer you a further chance.

      Thank you for your understanding.

      Best regards,

      No more chance for me :(
      but, their customer support are really fast :s_thumbsup:

      and, thank you all for comments ;)

      this was really "big school" for me :f_mad:

      Cya at tables :f_cool: :f_biggrin:
    • Navrark
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      If he failed all of the attempts, is he able to access the Bronze articles or is that locked away from him?

      I don't personally care about a $50 starting bonus since I already have an account with PokerStars. As well, I am still trying to earn the full bonus from my initial buy-in at PokerStars so another bonus is really not a concern for me now. All I want is to be able to access all of the learning materials.

    • NightFrostaSS
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      Originally posted by MaBakh4576
      Cya at tables :f_cool: :f_biggrin:
      Hope so
    • delyron
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      You don't need the starting bonus, you just need to have a tracked account and just play your game to get the status ;}
    • Atoks
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      I really love the ppl who think this site is a scam ... they restore my faith in the common fish ... and it's not like any of the advice here would help them anyway ... they'r always such pig-headed ppl with too few brain-cells they aren't capable of recognizing a good deal if it bites them in the ass ... and yes cugger ... I'm talking about ppl like u ...
    • Navrark
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      Originally posted by delyron
      You don't need the starting bonus, you just need to have a tracked account and just play your game to get the status ;}
      Can I set up my current PokerStars account? I know they don't allow multiple accounts, and I really don't feel the need to open an account at another poker site since I am very happy with PS.

    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Navrark,

      PokerStars will not allow the retracking of existing accounts, so unfortunately not.

      You can only earn PokerStrategy points through a brand new account (at a platform where you haven't played before) set up through the PokerStrategy download link and marketing code.

      I can confirm however that you don't need to have received the free starting capital, you can still earn PokerStrategy points to upgrade your status by playing on any linked account. For full details of all first deposit bonuses, see the following link:

      Best regards,