two pair and sets

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    • DarkNeo1
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      2 pair has 4 outs and sets have 7 outs on flop and 10 outs on turn to make quads or FH.Flush draw will have less than 9 outs.
      Download the eqilator and have a play with it to see for yourself.
    • santostr
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      Aren't there only 4 outs when you have two pairs?
      Also a set has 6 outs to the turn and 9 outs to the river (+1 out for quad)
      All clean if you are against a Flush Draw. You make a better hand...

      Anyway you are ahead of just a FD. If the opponent doesn't hit (witch happens around 65% of the time) you usualy win.
    • xero100
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      wow im so noob :( heard somehere when you have set you have 10 outs for full house

      LOL I counted and I got 10outs when have set on flop

      ok let's say I have QQ flop comes Q68. im soo good I got set but its draw heavy board and I know my enemy have or has sorry for my english
      has flush draw I know Im ahead because he has only 24,5% chances to win vs me why because I have 10 outs for full house.
      any 6 or 8 will get me full house so 6 outs but there is turn and river left so at turn I can get like lets say K so know I have 9 outs to catch at river
      three 6 three 8 three K and one out for Q so yea I really have 10 outs

      with two pair 68% ahead vs flush draw at flop

      my question was about when I get allin on flop from my opponent on flush draw board with two pair or set im huge favourite vs his flush draw

      sory for my insane good english skill