Can't really decide !

    • TimoDee
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      Hi guys, haven't posted on the forum for a while, haven't had much time for poker lately. But I wanna get back into the thick of things asap!

      One question I do have is: if I had to choose one area (Sit And Go's, MTTs or STTs) which one should I go for ?

      I know they all offer their seperate benefits and disadvantages but overall, which do you think is the quickest/easiest (i know there's no such thing as easy in poker but still..) to make money and enjoy it the most :)
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    • huluvu21
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      it really depends on you. there is no universal answer. i for instance enjoy SNG the most. tournament play is more suitable to my nature than cash game. i play some MTT from time to time too.

      but if the most important thing for u is money then i would guess CG. every oponent's mistake can get u some money (and vice versa ofc). MTTs are like running long tracks. u play for hours and still might not get any money. that might be very frustrating for some people.

      anyway: i would advice u to try (to some extent) every form of poker and then decide for yourself what is best for u. no advice from other player is the best one for u.

      personally i very much enjoyed the "exploring" of poker world. there is much to see and much to learn. u will eventually find out the right "thing" for u.

      every poker form also needs slightly (and maybe not so slightly:D ) different skill set. and some of that skills might be natural for u so u will incline for the form which uses that skill to the max...
    • AfterDusk
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      I strongly reccomend playing SnG's to start with

      Before you want to play the MTTs, I also STRONGLY reccomend reading as many articles and books as you can on the MTT strategys