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      Greetings everyone , missed me ? :f_biggrin: Guess not :) .

      I am back, with a challenge that's meant to motivate me.

      To those who remember (?) , I've deposited 700eur on the 1st of December, on NoiQ Poker , and in about two months without much volume, I'm kinda break even at the 6-max tables. My br stands on 1000eur (but that's mainly rakeback, rake race & fdb money, not actual profit) .

      So, I've decides to move back to NL10 6-max , and learn properly how to beat the limit! I've got a 6 month subcription at a coaching site, so I have what to work with. Besides I've decided to put 200eur against two of my friends with whom I've made the following prop bet :

      - 50.000 hands from 8 February - 7 March
      - only NL10 6-max
      - at least 4BB/100 (200eur profit)
      - 4-6 tabling

      So , if I win I'll take 240eur , if I lose I give 200eur.

      As soon as I begin , I will come here with constant updates, and graphs. Untill then, time to improve my game :D .

      Greetings, MaCe90!
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