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    • sol22
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      Hy..I'm new here and my english is not very good, so excuse my mistakes.
      I want to ask you if I can use a bonuscode at my first deposit of this forum but I didn't made my account with the banner of this forum.....
      I play poker on titan for a while but I didn't deposit until now and i want to do it.
      Hope u understand what I want to say!
      Goodluck all!
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    • ciRith
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      Hi sol22,

      I am not sure if you are able to play on Titanpoker for us.

      Please contact our support here(copy and paste your post above should do it :) ):


      If they tell you that this is not possibvle you still can play for us on Partypoker and receive the 50$ from us.

      If you want to deposit money by yourself you can additionally play on FullTiltPoker or Interpoker.