Avoiding sets? Betting patters.

    • nathanrenard
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      This is a far common question.

      We've seen the best pros on the planet doing that, after commiting some chips but saving a bunch.

      How do we avoid sets?

      I've seen Eric Seidel getting rid of his aces on FTP Million Dollar, Chan doing the same on PAD, the classic Negranu Pocket 6's or Pocket 4's on the WSOP.

      I mean, for me this is the most profitable hand (when i hit a set), but the hand i lose the most also.

      How do you guys spot sets?
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    • Joronamo
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      Sometimes on a really dry board villain will flat flop then 3bet turn. Generally they slowroll you to suck your Top Pair in and then trap on the turn or river. Generally there is nothing much you can do. Good advice is always expect the worse.

      For example, if you hold AK and PFR and villain flat you PF, the flop hits 8K6 you cbet he flats, you bet turn again (they usually 3bet you here or the really sneaky ones flat again depending if there is no flush or straight scare cards), then you either bet river or check river and they come out with aggression, you have to replay the hand and put them on something.

      Generally if the board is dry i.e. no flush or straight possibilities and they come out with aggression, they usally have some better than a pair ;) .
    • Kruppe
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