To grind or not to grind?

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      Currently I play on 6 tables on NL5. I think on moving on to 9 tables (not big difference lol, but my laptop can't fit more). I play on speed tables, so action is more than enough on 9 tables, but on 6 feels boring.

      Thing is, that on 6 tables my game resembles more of poker, where I steal pots, limp to raise with suited connectors and can loosen up overall.

      When I play 9 tables and try to do this shit, i steadily go down. I start to play more like roboman, because can't concentrate on players in certain hands, only see stats and notes, but not the action.

      Long time ago when i stated playing I made with 12 tables from 50$ to 200 euros, where i blew them on roulette later (don't ask). I made the money with all bonuses and promotions at that time. Now i start from scratch NL5 and I'm just making steadily low income of hard earned money (not won).

      I wanna know if most of you guys grind like crazy on many tables or there are some players that play on less tables? And I only mean about lower limits.
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