[NL20-NL50] Nl25, 44 - c-bet or not?

    • Anger86
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      $0.1/$0.25 No-Limit Hold'em (6 handed)

      Known players:

      Preflop: Hero is MP2 with 4, 4.
      Hero raises to $1.00, 4 folds, BB calls $0.75.

      Flop: ($2.1) 8, 3, 6 (2 players)
      BB checks, Hero checks.

      Turn: ($2.1) A (2 players)
      BB checks, Hero bets $1.50,

      BB stats: 88 hands; VPIP-22; PFR-7; Aggression-4.3

      I think it could be a mistake, when not c-betting preflop, because opponent could miss also - he could have some overcards, some low-medium pairs.
      I also had a position, when he checked to me on the flop - very good opportunity to take the pot down.

      Am I right?
      As played - I think bet on the turn is a must.
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    • LePokerMonster
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      I think betting the turn is a mistake. You should've bet the flop. His range includes many hands with an Ace but not many with 8 or 6. If you don't bet the flop the check it all the way.
    • radyan111
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      I would cbet the flop. Lots of fishes will fold without hitting the flop and that board is not likely to hit your opponent.

      It is not likely to hit you as well, I know, but even if your opponent rarely gives up on the flop and decides to float you, you can barrel many many turns again as every T+ is a scaredcard for him.

      If you get raised you can find an easy fold w/o history.

      As played, you have to answer the question if he's able to fold a 6 or an 8 there. I think that given his high AF he wouldn't check two times with an 8 and he would bet an Ace himself. So would he fold 77, 67, 65, 78, 45? I guess he would, cause Ace fits in your range perfectly. So I bet and give up if I meet any resistance.
    • caltabiano
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      I agree that betting the flop is the best play here. The board is pretty dry and opponent seems fairly tight, so I don't expect he'll be bluffing us too often. Also, we get the chance to barrel him off a 6 or an 8 when a scare card hits on the turn.

      Another point for betting is that any 2 overcards he holds have 25% equity over you, so you need protection for your vulnerable hand!

      As played, I'd also bet turn, as he can still fold stuff like 55, 3x and the KQ, KJ which still has some equity against us and might bluff us off the best hand on the river.