MTTs - play to win strategy

    • Leito99
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      so basically there is a standard strategy for mtt's.......tight at the start, a bit more aggressive later on...and agressive in the late stages cuz u can steal a lot....

      but how is it different if you have only one goal for the whole mtt....WIN IT!

      do you play really aggressive for the whole tournament like a maniac or is there some more things to consider??
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    • fuzzygoggle
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      no i won 1 last week no need to adjust your strategy too much as long as its a winning strategy
      there is no1 strategy standard TAG play is enough to get decent results from MTTS but a LAG approach has the potential to give greater rewards but at higher risk
      best advice as player numbers dwindle focus more on their betting patterns ranges etc as there will be many players to be exploited leading to taking down pig pots with bluffs etc