my I.D. check

    • ExternalUseOnly
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      it says i can use driving licence. does it have to be a full driving licence or is provisional ok? because thats all i have at the minute.

      also party poker wont connect i managed to install it eventualy but i couldnt see the cashier page or some of the other pages just blank white screens so i closed it and opened it again and now it wont connect at all.

      thanks for any help on both of these
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    • Schnitzelfisch
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      Hello ExternalUseOnly!

      You can use the provisional driver's license as long as it has a picture of you, your name and adress.

      Regarding the Party Poker issue, I cannot help you with that as I am not a frequent Party Poker user, but the white screens might be a result of a firewall blocking the application or perhaps just some problems at Party Poker. I suggest trying again in one hour, if it doesn't go away I am sure that one of the other members of pokerstrategy will be able to provide you a solution :) .